Postcard From

A Painting A Day

Postcard from Holland is a project, in which I intend to paint a small ('postcard-size') oil painting each day, and post it to this website. I will depict everyday objects, local fruits and dutch landscapes. In this way I hope to give visitors a day-to-day impression of my life as an artist in Holland. Also, I hope to offer starting art collectors affordable paintings to start their collection with an original oilpainting.

All works are painted from nature, to achive as much clarity and true color as possible. The small size of the painting allows me to finish a piece in a single session. In this way, I try to achieve a true impression of the moment. The only way this can be done is by applying a painting technique with a broad touch and by using as much suggestion as possible.

All paintings are painted on high-quality african masonite, using A-quality Old Holland Classic Oilpaint.

Besides the one-session impressionistic paintings in this project, I also paint still life paintings using a classical multi-layered technique. See for more information.

See also fellow plein air artist Rene at